“Intuition is a feeling, and to follow it is to feel truly alive.” kms

Dear friend,

thought the New Year’s ReVolution was over, but when I woke up this morning, afeeling found me to share this message in supporting you to start your new year withlove… That’s the beauty of Intuition… Surprise!

All you ever have to do with Intuition is:   …act on it.

New Years ReVolution Message #3: Just Take the Next Step

The first step of your new year was about knowing what you love (day 1). Feeling connected with what you love is to be one with your dreams. Because if you’re one with what you love, don’t you already feel as if you have it in your heart?

Connecting with dreams is beautiful, and even more reward comes from fulfilling what you imagine into your life circumstances. Part of the fun of living is bringing what you dream of in the formless into the world of form.

What does Intuition have to do with making your dreams come true?

Imagine that life is like a dream. If who you truly are (the infinite, the dream itself) is painting a big map of what you love in that dream, Intuition is like a plane flying above the entire picture while you, the dreamer, are walking along your current path. You, through Intuition, can always access the most supportive next step and the bigger picture, even when what you’re experiencing in your dream may not always seem the most supportive.

Things are not always as they seem.

When you act on Intuition you will feel more alive. Why? Because acting on your heart’s command is to act on love, the voice of who you truly are. The more you act on your authentic self, the more you become one with the true you and naturally live your dreams.

When you don’t act on your heart, what do you think you are acting on? Fear. Fears take the form of limitations, the past, the future, fear of loss, and insecurities in your circumstances or yourself. When you act on fear, you give it more power.

It’s like that Native American story where the chief tells the kids that he has two wolves fighting inside of him, the fear wolf and the love wolf. The kids ask, “Chief, which wolf wins?”… “Whichever one I feed.”

What you focus on expands.

What you act on expands.

There is no love outside of you. There is no fear outside of you. There is no universe outside of you.

Don’t just know of what your heart speaks, act on it. From the smallest, most seemingly insignificant, to the largest of steps, act on what you feel is true and more of what you love will effortlessly come into your life.

If you ever get stuck in your head, give SPACE to your fear, for space is love, and love only knows how to give. Give your fears space, use your creativity, and use the energy of fun.

The more you give yourself space by acting on love, the more you develop TRUST for those feelings that find you.

When you follow yourself as Intuition, moment by moment, you will eventually realize that YOU are supporting YOU to carry your dreams from the space of ideas into physical form for you to experience in this world. 

Just take the next step… and then the next after that… and the next…

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With love,
Kirra Marcelle Sherman

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