“We’re always at our best when we live as though we have nothing to lose.”

Dear friend,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What I wish for everyone is always the same: to be and have all that’s truly important for you in your life.

Before New Years, I shared with you the importance of making space for what you love as the year came to a close.

Now it’s time to connect with what you love.

Beginning of New Year ReVolution Exercise: Become aware of what you Love

Spend 20 minutes alone with a sheet of paper or journal and write a list of what you would love to experience IF YOU HAD NO LIMITATIONS.

What would your life look like, feel like, taste like? What is the big vision, and what are all of the little details of what you’d love to experience. What is important for you in your life?

If you had no limitations, and you weren’t choosing things out of an agenda, just pure love, big or small, what would you love? Paint a picture using your imagination and just allow yourself to dream for what’s true for you.

Now ask yourself one question: Why is it important for you to have all the things you love?

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With love,

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