“If you want to feel more love, remove all that’s not of it’s essence, and the feeling will have space to return.”

Dear friend,

Today is the final day of the year, so if you have any regrets, feel them fully without resistance, and decide to move on. If there are any unspoken words left, speak them. Finish what must be wrapped up. And then allow all that’s past to remain there.

Remember the truth: every passing moment in awareness is always a chance to turn it all around.

And before you look to all the possibilities that lie ahead as you step into the new, I’ve included a quick exercise below to support you in clearing out the old so you can make room for the new.

There are 3 main ways to Make Space for Presence, Peace, Power, and Connection:

1) Choose to follow your Intuition and decide to do more of what you love, what you feel is TRUE for you. Speak what you feel, be authentic, and rise above your perceived limitations.

2) Stop doing things in your life that are NOT TRUE for you. Remove the things, people, and places that are no longer serving you.

3) Bring more love into anything that you do. Bring more of your presence and being into every moment.

End of Year Exercise for December 31: Become aware of what is no longer true for you

Spend 15 minutes alone with a sheet of paper or journal and write a list of all the things in your life that you know you’re doing that are no longer true for you.

What is not true for you?
Anything that you don’t love is not true for you.* It can include behaviors you feel are no longer authentic. It could be things you’re doing out of obligation. You may have friends that you’re no longer inspired to be friends with. You may feel to do an end of year “spring clean” to remove clothes or items in your life that are of an old energy. Maybe you just feel to switch your brand of shampoo or conditioner. Perhaps it’s an old way of running your finances, even if it’s something healthy, like a yoga class or meditation practice that you’ve outgrown. Maybe it’s a job, a relationship, or a home. Do not judge what comes up. Whatever these things are, just be honest with yourself.

List all the things you’re doing out of an agenda to receive recognition from others, appreciation from others, approval from others, security from outside of yourself, or acceptance from others. Or perhaps you’re doing things out of judgment for others (such as saving or rescuing others from their experiences out of judgment)

(*Note: if you don’t love doing the dishes, for example, rather than stop doing the dishes, bring your presence and the energy of love into washing them. Or if it’s a job, find the love for what you need to do if you aren’t yet ready to stop doing what you perceive you need to.)

What can you clear out of your life to make more space for what you love? If you can stop doing things that are no longer true for you, you will make space for what IS true for you.

With love,
Kirra Marcelle Sherman

PS – STAY TUNED FOR DAY 2’s exercise tomorrow…

PPS – Happy New Years Eve!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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