“Don’t look upon the New Year with your eyes of the previous year. Instead look upon the New Year with new eyes, ones that only see possibilities. See the possibilities and you will free yourself from your insecurities”

– Amir Zoghi –

In every moment there are possibilities for new experiences, new possibilities and an endless stream of both light and darkness. How you see what’s showing up in this moment  is really entirely up to you . You could see it with completely new eyes as though you are seeing it or experiencing it for the first time, as though it could also be the last time. Or you could be seeing or experiencing this moment influenced by how you viewed and experienced the past, which ultimately can become a dull and repetitive experience.

It’s all up to you. You choose how you view what you are seeing; you are choosing how you wish to experience what is taking place in your life. You are choosing to either resist or to addict yourself to an experience.

See, feel, touch, taste and hear everything in your experience as though you are experiencing them for the first and the last time and watch your experiences come to life. You experience very single moment once only, you will never repeat the same moment ever again, just as you will never find any human being to be completely identical to another one.

You must appreciate every moment as a gift and not a given right. That is when you will experience every moment as a miracle. The magic is right where you stand, not in what happened yesterday or what may happen tomorrow. This is when you are seeing things with fresh eyes, this is when you will experience life in the whole of existence as one life. This is when you are in the flow of possibilities, where all that feels True for you is completely possible. Be anywhere else besides this flow and you will be living in repeat.

You only live once, experience everything as if you are experiencing it for the first and last time! It will be a New Year, New life in every moment of your life.

Courtesy of The Truth of the Day, Amir Zoghi and Be Free People: http://www.befreeevents.com/truth-of-the-day-signup/?ap_id=kian

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