It’s said that the Greeks had two forms of time, one being chronological, the one that we currently use to pinpoint a moment in time for scheduling: chronos. There is past, there is future, it can be counted sequentially.

Kairos is the kind of time that speaks to when things happen that is outside of control. Babies do not come in the chronological time determined as by 9 months, they come when they are ready to come. An apple ripens and falls from a tree according to it’s own beat. And it’s said that there is an opportune moment when all things ripen.

You can feel the perfection of things when you are in beat with the rhythm that moves all things…

What if we are all ripening according to our own rhythm?

What if we were in complete flow with life and allowed ourselves to be moved by that rhythm? Do you decide what moves you, what you love? Or is what moves you, the one moving you? Can you force yourself to be in love with another?

Do you heed the nothingness in it’s deep whisper… it’s calling… it’s pull?

What if we didn’t have control on when things happened in our life and we gave more allowance to the things that unfold in our story?

There is this moment now. Be one with what is. It is, it came to be for you, right now. The story is what is happening. But under what happens or doesn’t is a presence of being that hinges you to being here in this world right now.

Allow what happens to give birth into your story when it is ready to give birth.

Or you can control. I know there are things in your life that you probably want, that you desire. The stronger the desire, you may notice there is even a needing it, like if only it comes to be in time, then you’ll feel complete.

The moment you need is the moment you may compromise how it happens.

You may manipulate others to be something other than they are. You may try and force them to be something and someone there are not. You may compromise your own heart and accept less than you deserve.

You deserve what you truly love, and if you allow, just allow those things to unfold in your life with trust that in loving something with your whole being and heart, it will find you when it’s ripe. When you and that ripeness are one.

And what is it that moves you in the whispers from nothingness? The depth of your heart echoes in that nothingness and it is you that you would allow to move you … trust the rhythm and do not compromise dear heart, just trust that you will ripen when you’re meant to.


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