A lot of people ask me, how I’m able to travel the world all the time, or why I get such great work life balance, or why I’m so “steady” about the geo-political uncertainty taking place… I’m willing to say yes to what moves me. And I don’t react because I have come to know myself and the world more and more.

How did I do that?

I never would have thought these experiences and reactions would have been possible for me until about 7 years ago when I met someone out of Australia who shared with me some things about life that… made all these choices and that steadiness and grounding possible.

Very few take me up on checking out how I got here. My mentor is offering a month’s access to that same wisdom I experienced 7 years ago; it changed every little thing about the way I see the world, and myself.

I personally paid $5,500 for this experience BUT he is giving it to people for $212/month if you continue past the free trial.

It’s over 12 months because it’s not a quick fix kind of support. It’s not personal development, it’s not quite spiritual. It’s down to earth, pragmatic, illogically makes sense, and it’s the most simple wisdom I’ve read on the planet aside perhaps from Eckart Tolle:


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