When I sat down to write my weekly newsletter, I didn’t feel inspired to write an article this week. My heart said: speak and coach only. I followed it.

Intuitively living is about following your heart, not your head. If I let my head or my fears dictate my decisions, I may have questioned what I felt with thoughts like: “but you owe it to your newsletter, clients, and friends who read your newsletter to write them a piece of writing,” or, “that’s selfish,” or, “that’s not honoring others.” And if I followed these thoughts, it would only be because I’m in judgment of you, and me. But because I’m not in judgment of your experience, or myself, I choose instead to do what my heart speaks.

“There is just one heart beating through all hearts, so when you follow the feeling that moves you within, you aren’t just following your heart, you’re in beat with the heart of the world.” 
(Quote from the opening chapter of the book I’m writing)

And that’s the thing about intuitive living that can make it seem difficult; sometimes when the heart speaks, it doesn’t make sense or brings up discomfort. Sometimes it causes you to ask “why”.

But every time I follow my feeling despite that fear, I ultimately experience more freedom, space, openness, and overcome judgment to be in more love. So instead of writing a long article this week, I’m inviting you to join me tonight as I’m going to speak about MONEY. Click here if you feel moved.

If you’ve ever said, “NO,  CAN’T” because OF MONEY, then tonight is especially for you. If you don’t ever want to say it again, click here.

Because every single person that has attended these “Truth Sessions” has said they LOVED it no matter the topic, and are so glad they listened. People say they leave the webinar feeling more connected, inspired, hopeful, and feel supported to take action in their life they’ve been afraid to take (see the specific testimonials below).

If you’ve seen or heard me speak before, I bring the same feeling of Truth to these calls that are designed to connect you with your presenceheart space and deepen your connection with your true self. You also have the opportunity to ask questions specifically about your life and how to break free from fear, judgments, or particular limitations that you may experience in your circumstances.

If you haven’t been to a speaking event yet, and you’re feeling moved, JOIN ME FOR AN HOUR OF CONNECTION tonight 9pm EST, 6pm PST, or register to receive the recording because I’m going to speak tonight about “Money & Having what you love.” 

I’m particularly inspired to talk about MONEY because it often “appears” to be the thing that gets in the way of having what you love… what’s true for you. BUT I’ve come to experience that it’s NOT TRUE, money is not what gets in the way of having what you love. The Truth is, what currently sits in your bank account has nothing to do with having what you love. I’ve had quite a journey around money–one that includes times of both lack and abundance, and so I have many stories about the magic you can experience from either. And I’m going to tell you what I do in my personal life to overcome limitations.

Every week I host a webinar, so look into each email for what’s next and upcoming. Every “Truth Session” will start with a deep meditation designed to open your heart, and then I’ll discuss a topic usually starting with a quote that will support you to expand and connect with your courage.

Tonight, for example, after the meditation I will start with why the following quote is true and how this little truth can free you from fear and limitation: “You already have it. You’re just choosing to experience that which you already have.”

What others have been saying about the “Truth Sessions”:
“I’m sorry I missed the live webinar, but I thoroughly enjoyed my copy nontheless! I really appreciated the meditation to start and your words and energy INSPIRED me and took me right to “that place” where I feel my overdrive!! What a gift is is to hear you speak your feelings, thank you! I will listen over and over again, no doubt.” R.D., Anchorage

“Thanks so much Kirra, that was the best webinar ever, it was my first ever but thats what made it even better :) I didn’t talk to you today about what’s been going on, but there’s been a lot coming up… and it supported me to take action I wasn’t taking because I was afraid to. Perfect.” B.L., Brooklyn

“The results of our two conversations and now, my listening to your webinars, is that I have a clear focus on my daily practices. I am inspired by not just sensing my own potential, but acting in accordance with it, intuiting my way and being willing to feel into it. I’ve gained clear insight into my own circumstance, found compassion to embrace my present, in all of its facets and found hope in doing what I love, anyway.” S.R., NYC

“Everything that you covered was important and it was great to connect with that “true” energy that you put out there. I love critisizing and analyzing everything but there’s nothing really I can say in this case. I think it was great and I’d love that if you could have more of these webinars.” M.N., L.A.
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