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It seems that there are two ways to see the world: The physical world can be perceived as separate from you, and happening “to” you; OR it can be perceived as one with you, and happening “because of” you.

The outside world is like your mirror – it’s showing you either the love or pain/fear within you.

But what does that mean?
And how does it impact your everyday life?

There is the physical world that you can experience with your five human senses. Then there is the intangible experience of the world through your sixth sense: intuition, energy, and feeling—often without logic and “proof.”

If when you see or experience an event in the physical world, and it makes you feel something, you’re feeling your reflection.

A beautiful sunset can inspire the feeling of beauty and love within you. That’s a reflection of the love that’s within you – the love that you are. A catastrophe may trigger a feeling of helplessness within. That’s a reflection of the pain/fear that’s within you.

A reflection is when the outside world sparks an internal experience, emotion or feeling. 

The key to staying connected with who you Truly are in your natural state of presence and flow is to take responsibility for everything that happens by asking how every experience makes you feel within.

If the outside world is reflecting the judgments (and love) within you – like a mirror – you wouldn’t wipe the mirror clean to remove the reflection, would you? No. When you, out of discomfort, attempt to fix, improve, or change your circumstances, it’s like trying to wipe dirt off your face in the mirror in front of you rather than wiping it off your face. Does it change the reflection? No, and the world doesn’t stop showing you your reflection, it just takes different forms.

I felt inspired to share a simple, but tender story that took place recently and caused me to feel an emotional judgment—for me it was a negative charge.

Over Christmas, I felt very disappointed my partner didn’t get me anything. I knew that it wasn’t about the gift, and I knew the circumstance was showing me where I have judgment (power, charge, discomfort) and so I responded by opening my heart to feeling. I felt the disappointment fully and asked myself what was underneath the irritation. Deeper than sadness I felt unconsidered, insignificant, and at the core, a little unworthy. These were my reflections.

Was the event at it’s essence positive or negative? No. It was my judgment that attached a negative to it (positive, negative, good, bad). If you put on tinted sunglasses, will you not experience the color of the world filtered through that tint? If you experience your circumstances through judgment, it colors an otherwise neutral experience.

As soon as I became aware of my judgment colored lenses, I didn’t blame my partner or get angry at my circumstance, I appreciated the opportunity to see my judgment and allowed myself to feel the reflection. I shared the experience with my partner and felt more whole and complete.

thought the case was closed.

But sometimes the story of life is unfolding in ways that you cannot see, or that you cannot yet feel.

Last week I published an article in Tiny Buddha (it’s an article I adapted from one I sent to you in the fall). Lori, who edits and curates the articles, asked me to place a more personal experience within the article to make it more relatable. My first idea was to share my experience of my father as a child as parents often play significant and remarkable roles in our lives. Specifically, my father wasn’t often around for my birthdays or Christmas’ and often forgot to send gifts and cards.

The same day the article was published, I remembered “randomly” thinking about how my partner still hadn’t got anything for me for Christmas – and while we’d spoken about it, my irritation arose again. This time I noticed there was a tenderness within me.

As I opened my heart to feeling once more, the connection emerged: the same story of disappointment from my childhood flashed in my mind: I’d felt sad, unconsidered, a little unworthy, and insignificant as a child. These were the deeper reflections in a story still revealing itself to me, getting me to feel these feelings.

Note: I became vigilantly aware not to make “my story” into an identity. You can get lost in your circumstances at this point if you aren’t present because the danger is that you make the experience into your new story. (examples: I have daddy issues, I’m ungrateful, I’m unworthy, I’m always doing this to myself, this is who I am …whatever the thoughts may be)

I instead simply acknowledged the feelings, and allowed them to pass without attaching more significance to the event (without making it into who I am).

The greatest way I know how NOT to make experiences into a “new” or even “enlightened” form of identity is to tell the truth.

The Truth I told myself: I AM NOT THESE feelings of unworthiness, I am not feelings of being unconsidered, and I am not this insignificance. That’s NOT who I am. I am not this story. I am not these limitations. I am not these thoughts. I am not this past. I am not my circumstances. I am not this body. I am energy. I am love. I am infinite. [This is not a mantra, if you don’t feel these words, they are just words; there is no power in words if your feeling doesn’t give them meaning]

Immediately, I felt more connection, and more space, as if something had been released from inside me. And as the space opened up from telling the truth, I felt more boundless and more expanded.

The Truth about Reflections

One who lives consciously, or intuitively, takes responsibility for their entire world, internal and external by becoming one with their negative & positive charges—this is how you set yourself free of the past by freeing yourself of judgment using the present moment.

One who responds unconsciously reacts to the external world by attempting to fix, improve, or change it rather than unlocking the judgment the external world is reflecting.

One can respond unconsciously to the reflection of love, too, by creating an attachment, or need for that external form of love. You can require external forms of love to give you your sense of connection, or you can connect with love within and give that aliveness to all your external circumstances and experiences.

One who responds unconsciously also usually attaches a sense of identity (good or bad – ego doesn’t have a preference) and it makes positive & negative events into it’s identified story.

There is nothing personal about what my partner did: If it hadn’t been my partner forgetting to give me something, there would have been another circumstance to push that button of emotion sitting in my heart taking up space that is now full of more presence.

Remember: It’s never about the story, but how the story makes you feel. It’s not about your circumstances, but how your circumstances make you feel.

The Infinite Truth is: you are not your stories; you are the presence experiencing your stories. If you are in judgment, you will experience the fear of those stories, and if you are in love, you will experience your natural state of being: love.

Set Yourself Free: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 of Reflections

1 – Open your heart when an “irritation” or discomfort arises because of your circumstances.

2 – Ask your heart how it makes you feel, underneath the irritation, underneath the initial sadness or annoyance. (It’s usually deeper; common ones include: lack, unworthiness, unappreciated, insignificant, unloved, helpless, out of control, etc.…)

3 – Embrace the core emotion rather than pushing it away. Become present with it and give it space. THEN, tell the Truth to yourself: “I am not that” – “I am not that feeling of ___________” I am not these thoughts, circumstances, stories. I am infinite energy.Feel the truth in how these words make you feel. You must allow yourself to feel it or it’s just meaningless words.

4 – Then ask yourself:
What would it feel like if I wasn’t experiencing this? What would it feel like if I were feeling the opposite of this? What would it feel like to feel completely free of this? What would it feel like if I were seeing this circumstance through the eyes of love?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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