“Either you’re impacting the world,
or your world is impacting you.”

Over 5 years ago, my life was turned upside down when I felt called to live my life by love. I felt it was possible to live in the joy from my heart, and then infuse that joy into my circumstances.

For most of my life, I’d chased and relied on my circumstances to give me joy, which as a little girl meant some version of marriage and a house and a successful career and having the right cars and kids… and once I built them and collected them, I’d be happy.

So when I found myself experiencing some version of that idea of happiness—I crumbled because I wasn’t happy—realising that happiness was like a mirage in the desert, an illusion.

But that’s not all. Over the years, I replaced that initial idea with more enlightened versions of that. “If I only can have peace of mind,” I thought, or “if only I could own a business doing what I love,” or “have an authentic, conscious relationship, and have the money to do what I love, I’ll have got it”… Sigh.

Turns out, THAT’S NOT FREEDOM EITHER; that’s still chasing something. So I went deeper on my quest for the truth, freedom, love, and the true purpose of life. And I found it.

What I realized is this: Freedom is not one thing: it’s not getting whatever you love or need, or having money to do what you love or need; it’s not just doing what you love, or living your external purpose; it’s not just being authentic, or aiming to be a beacon of light out in the world, and it’s not even facing fear… although you will likely come to experience all of that and more in your journey towards it; ultimately, freedom is the ability to allow yourself to be chosen

Living with love is allowing yourself to let go of control of your circumstances and allow yourself to be chosen by your heart. If you be enslaved, let it be by your heart alone, for it will free you from your mind and all the externals binding you to suffering.

The journey of freedom takes risk after risk after risk after risk to succeed and fail and fail and fail again with humility and gratitude that you then see how life, the true you, has been guiding your heart all along. That is self-realization. Through following your truth, your heart, your intuition, you come to experience being one with life itself, the unlimited you.

But at first, that’s just a concept—then it becomes a deeper experience… until you know the depth of it for yourself, otherwise, isn’t it just another idea you’ve read on this screen, or saw in a book.

Allow yourself to be chosen. Because you do not choose the opportunities that will come to you, nor the challenges you must face to rise into those opportunities, but each one will force you to be bigger than your limited self.

The journey of love is using the limitless part of you, your intuition, to guide you to look beyond what your limited eyes can see in your circumstances, or what your limited thoughts say about what’s possible, and decide to be chosen by love, who you truly are.

Why would you take risks for your dreams? Why would you follow intuition? Why would you do what you love? Why would you risk your comfort zone for your bigger visions?

Because you have been chosen. But you must choose back, to make what’s possible, a reality.

You use your dreams and intuition to bring the feelings that move through your soul from the formless into form, getting to experience what you love, not just dream about it. Every move towards love is supporting you to realise who you truly are along the way… 

To be truly impactful, you must learn to allow yourself to be chosen by your own heart, and trust that each risk is taking you on a greater journey of knowing yourself.

Life stops being about what you can get from your world, but how you can impact your world using everything you LOVE. 

Here are some key points to support you in that journey:

  • Know your bigger picture. How do you do that? You have to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Then the inspiration and next steps flow naturally. Whether it’s in your business, your relationship, your journey of life, or your dreams. Know your why.
  • Creativity – Getting creative is more than being artistic. It’s the act of creating your life. And it’s one of the most joyful experiences there probably is. But you may want to remember that creativity has nothing to do with outcome, yet it has everything to do with your experience of joy.
  • Do not compromise; every time you have the opportunity to compromise, it’s an opportunity to get creative and to reclaim your power from your circumstances. You did not come here to compromise your heart… (unless you choose that), but remember: you always have choice.
  • Intuition: Allowing yourself to be chosen by your heart to take the RISKS that are true for you. It’s following this path that leads you to knowing who you truly are: the unlimited, boundless, infinite, the universe.
  • Certainty – Cultivate your inner wisdom by following what moves you and inspires you and though it may take some time, you will slowly develop certainty in following the feeling by risking for it time and time again.
  • Trust of your own heart – It’s a practice, and the way you practice is take risks when your heart calls you.
Because I believe and have experienced that once you’ve got true power, no one and nothing can take it away from you. But to get it, you must step outside your comfort zone to take risks, many times over… which may be the reason why so few people actually do it.
If you have any questions, email kirra at revolution of self dot com.

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