Love is just love. It stands alone. It just is. When you feel pulled within yourself by love, it begins with love and ends with love. That’s how you know you love what you love… There is no reason.

If what you love is to dance, then dance. Do you need a reason?

If what you love is to write, then write. If your mind is asking what it’s going to give you, it’s going to give you the experience of writing. That’s all.

If what you love is a person, then love them. Do you require their love in return? Why? It’s the feeling of love within you… dare to love them without condition, expectation, or reason. When you hold back your love because of reason, you are the one that loses love.

And what about how to do what you love and make money from it? Why do you need to make money from it? Why are you putting requirements and rules on life and hows it’s going to give to you. If it’s giving you the awareness of what you love, be grateful for being given that connection with what you love.

Doing what you love is not a way to make money; doing what you love is a way of life. And it’s not about what you “do” for work. It’s living by allowing love to move you, when there is no reason.

Living a life of love is feeling as though you have the choice to express love in your world without fear of anything or anyone…It’s in feeling free to express yourself in any way that moves you. 

Living a life of love is allowing love to move you… that means living without reason for the things you do.

A question was asked in a room recently: do we have free will? That depends on what you believe free means; I believe freedom is the willingness to be chosen by your heart. Choice still goes back to love. When you realize you love something, did you choose it or did it choose you?

Humble your mind and your self to trusting that love is the one moving you. Allow yourself to be moved. Do not judge what moves you and what you love – just throw your heart into it as if you’re diving in with your whole being.

Make the moment your lover. Put your being into the feeling of love as if it’s the only thing that exists. Stop looking for reasons and for excuses why not.

LOVE has no reason.

whats inside you
Picture found on instagram from the_humanflame

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