“Let your life proceed by it’s own design…”
-John Barlow/Bob Weir

The feeling moves you. The feeling is of life, coming from life, speaking for life’s true design. The aliveness moves you. Or, you can listen to the thinking instead. Thinking is of limitation and judgment, it’s role is to confine.

Aliveness speaks of freedom. If you wish to move mountains, be them small boulders or thousand feet peaks… to be in ALIVENESS, you’ll follow the feeling. The design of your life, moment by moment, unfolds from your heart, from life itself.

Let your life proceed by it’s own design, and may you have the courage to follow your heart for it knows the true design of life, which is to be lived freely from limitation, and freely from regret. Let life’s dream unfold within you each true knowing that comes, act. Act on aliveness to feel more alive.

Let the aliveness show you the way.

inside each and everyone of us

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