The path of truth is not about practicing rituals, nor practices, nor techniques aimed at “aligning” you, “changing” you for the positive or “vibrationally healing” you.

It is not important to make yourself into an ancient prayer.

There is no need for some power of transformation that is designed to change you and shape you into your higher self…

You just have to be yourself.

You simply must know who you Truly are.

Begin to experience your True self.

That is the secret.

You as a human isn’t required to change.

You already are infinite.

You already are the Truth.

You are not a human being.

You are not your body.

An infinite being doesn’t require some technique or ancient practice in order to realize itself.

You don’t need to meditate or “clear” your “energy” field, although you may feel to do these things to help you become present to the moment that is.

You have to be yourself.

You have to know Yourself as the Truth.

Your heart knows.

You have to be yourself as the Truth.

Your heart knows… let it lead the way…

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