Have you ever heard two people say the exact same thing, but you had a completely different experience while listening? It’s not what someone says often, it’s how they say it, it’s the space beneath the words that impacts you more than the words themselves. Or, it’s what you can feel they’re not saying. One may speak from the heart, and one may be speaking from outside their own experience. The two will give you two very different experiences.

You could use watching a film as an escape from reality, or you could use it to dive into a corner of your imagination, or to deepen your understanding of one sliver of life and living, or you can watch it for pure entertainment or fun or fear. Watching movies aren’t an escape unless you’re using it that way.

It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. What drives you to speak what you speak, and what is it that pulls you to act the way you act? If you speak with an agenda to feel good about yourself, or feel accepted and loved by others, is going to be very different if you are speaking because you have something that must be said because it’s in your heart, it’s going to give you a very different experience of yourself in that moment.

The space you begin something is the space you will end in. If you begin from love, you will feel love when you speak. If you begin from emptiness, you will end with it, too. Anything you do from a space of need or lack will leave you empty, whereas when you enter a situation out of love, it will leave you full, the way you began.

Just a reminder. Just being honest about it is enough.


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