Before going to bed yesterday, a friend in Australia notified me that I was on TV in Australia, a reality show about Customs and Border Control when I was kicked out of Australia about a year and a half ago. A surge of hits to my website also let me know of the change. I remembered the incident well, for I was put into the Villawood Detention Center for a few days before being put on a flight that I thought would be to the US.

It would turn out that I would only be sent as far as Korea where I was stranded for another couple of days, making it a grand total of 7 days of traveling without a final destination until finally flying to Los Angeles, where I landed and ended up staying.

Someone just wrote as a comment that I ‘kept my cool’ during the show. And I remember both keeping my cool and losing it, allowing emotions to unfurl from the incident when they arose, and embracing what was occurring at the same time. It was a pivotal experience in my life that I almost thought would never come back into remembrance until all of a sudden, there I was on TV in a country I no longer could visit.

It’s never what happens, but how you respond to what happens. And I’m ever grateful to the lessons I learned from that fateful trip. It was both a heart-wrenching, sad and expensive lesson that I learned in attempting the voyage, but the experience was invaluable.

For the record, when I agreed to allow them to record the show, I was under the impression it was a documentary, not a reality TV show!

Following my heart has not always meant that what I think I want happens, sometimes embracing that the experience I need to have is difficult. But its always worth it.

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