Have you ever woken up or observed events in your life and realized that maybe you’d missed the mark you’d been aiming for in the way you were being, or possibly not “being”? I have experienced this and it can bring up a concoction of feelings: a little disappointment mixed with a twinge of subtle judgment, and a brief moment of heartbreak. It’s so quick its not so dramatic, but it’s there depending on how thickly you judge yourself and depending on where you are in your journey. Maybe it’s just your own observance and nothing more than a passing moment’s “ahah!” It’s followed by a “I’m not quite being myself here.”

The moment of Truth is bringing in that awareness without judgment when you’re not being yourself. In that moment, you can connect with your heart again. It’s a NEW moment. Right now. It’s fresh and it’s full of freedom.

The greatest power comes from giving yourself permission to mess it up. Get it wrong without judging yourself. Make a decision and be fearless in falling down. You’re going to get up again. Even when you think the stakes are high, it’s usually just your mind dramatizing everything.

If you’ve been anything other than 100% heart, put your tail between your legs, bite of a huge chunk of humble pie, and feel the connection that you always can have with your soul when you take the time to move out of your thinking and into your heart.


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