the real revolution is love

Living in Truth can be a 100% complete change of how you live your life

I believe that it is possible to live a life that is free of pain, one that is free of fear, and one that brings more love into the world. But getting to that space within is the greatest challenge I’ve been a part of because it requires a revolution of self – a revolution of how yourself views and decides.

For me, living in truth feels 100% opposite to the way that I lived before. It started with a shift in perception of the way the world works. The perception that what happens in life came from something outside of myself (like science, god, or even fate) shifted.

All of a sudden the real power to create life circumstances came from the space of imagination within. It almost sounds like a fairy tale: you have the power to manifest your reality using your imagination… And the moment I felt that truth resonate in my heart, my question was: how could I bring that truth into my personal experience?

The answers were very simple, but not necessarily easy: Connect with love… Know Yourself… Follow your heart.

To connect with the kind of power to choose your life, it seems you must first realize that the whole world is in the palms of your hands, and that in Truth, ‘what happens’ in your life is what is what you (as the truth of who you are) has chosen, from the tiniest details of the circumstances of your own life, to the tiniest details in the lives of others. (Know yourself)

Living in Truth takes the courage to find acceptance of yourself and the world as it is, rather than working to change your circumstances, your self, and change the world.

Living in truth is opposite to how I once lived in that it’s also about opening up to vulnerability. (Connect with Love)

The natural human reaction is often to protect from pain, but living in truth is about moving towards discomfort so you can realize the truth about your discomforts—The truth is that who you truly are is not your emotions. The truth is you are not your circumstances.

This is often why it has been said that you must become aware of the barriers in the way of connecting with love. If you cannot connect with love, disconnect with what prevents you from experiencing your natural state.

Because the more you connect with your heart to feel the whispers of Intuition, or Love, the more it will share with you what’s possible for your life rather than allowing your mind to determine what’s possible based on your circumstances, which are always limited, however grand they may be.

I have witnessed in my own experiences that when you decide what’s possible from what your heart calls for and when you say yes with all of your being, your decision has the power to change your circumstances. (Follow your heart)

It can be tempting to forget all of these truths and attempt to fix the outer circumstances of our lives to find inner happiness, even if those circumstances and happiness are only temporary. But living in truth is not about fixing, improving, or changing your life.

Why on the path of truth is it important not to just fix our situations that cause discomfort? Because if you believe that who you truly are is manifesting your entire reality, you’re manifesting discomforts through your circumstances with purpose. Your situations are there to allow your discomforts to arise so you can see where in your life something outside of you has power over you.

If you find a sense of completion in your circumstances, you will come to depend on them for that sense of completion. If you find a sense of security in your circumstances, will you not become insecure as they change, or fight to keep them constant out of fear of losing security. And is that the feeling of freedom, or love? Is that living life free from pain? Whatever you find yourself in that is not the truth of who you are, you will lose your power in.

If you believe that your natural state is love, how can you be authentic in your soul when you’re experiencing an emotional charge? Can you be one with love if you’re experiencing a judgment, that is to say, a positive or negative reaction, or a perception of separation from life itself?

I believe that living a life free of pain is possible, but living in truth is not a short-term fix for your discomforts, it’s a lifestyle change that requires a willingness to face life in a way that may be opposite to how you once lived.

It requires you to be honest with yourself, truly honest about why you’re doing what you’re doing and reflecting on your decisions with the softness of the eyes of love rather than being hard on yourself in judgment.

In my experience it takes a revolution of self to re-train yourself to observe your actions and reactions through the eyes of love … to consult your heart rather than what you think is possible according to your circumstances… to open up to pain rather than protect… and to put your attention on the Truth rather than looking to fix, improve, or change your circumstances.

It’s one moment at a time.

So ask yourself: what’s my truth right now? And am I living it?


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