Life's Better when Connected
Taken on the street in Manhattan: (Bank of America Advertising)

It doesn’t get any better than feeling truly alive. Have you ever felt wonderfully, deeply, and completely alive?

Have you ever felt the connection to the moment so much that time seemed to disappear and all that was left was how alive you felt in an alive world?

Lately I can’t stop talking, and writing, and speaking about the feeling of being alive because I’m feeling so alive.

Look at everything happening out there… Cars are driving, birds are chirping, unknown sounds are screaming, conversations are being shared, people are walking, connecting, kissing, crying, hating, laughing, loving. When you bring your attention to everything that is happening, can you not feel the aliveness of the world careening around you?

No matter what you see out there in the world, whether you perceive it to be good or bad, painful or joyful, it’s still alive. And when you’re feeling that alive, does it really get any better than that?

Even in the quiet of your home in the middle of the night, can you not feel the aliveness in the space between it’s walls because even the space between things is alive.

When I’m connecting to the aliveness inside my being, everything in the world comes alive. When I see the world as alive, I feel that aliveness within me.

Truly living is to feel the aliveness inside and outside.

In a coaching session the other day, a client and I spent two hours immersed in the aliveness of the world to give her an experience of what it would feel like to live in the flow. As we walked along and her presence continued to deepen, I asked: “when you’re ever feeling like this, truly alive, is it possible to experience fear, or heaviness, or anxiety, or worry?” She connected with herself- “No,” she admitted.

Isn’t it impossible? You want to stop feeling heaviness or anxiety or worry, first feel everything while resisting nothing, and eventually you’ll fall back into your aliveness.

There is no space for fear when love permeates your being.

If you bring a lit candle into a room full of darkness, no amount of darkness can take away any of the light.

The present moment is full of the light of life, whether you choose to be in that aliveness is a choice, but no amount of fear can take away that light when you’re one with it.

For a moment, the next time you step out your door into the world, feel everything around you, and rather than seeing it through the eyes of your mind in terms of good or bad, or positive or negative, or even labeling what you’re seeing, just feel everything out in the world. Even if it’s an expression of anger, feel the presence of the world—And ask yourself one question: is any form of expression not still an expression of ALIVENESS? Even if the action is slow-paced, or lethargic, or evil in your mind, or pathetic, is it not still full of aliveness?

To see the world as it truly is, ALIVE, peel off your lens of judgment and just see the aliveness moving around you. The wind may be caressing your cheek, are you feeling the wind loving on you?

The space around your body is holding you in presence, are you feeling the presence of your own space? Grass is reaching towards the sun, or airplanes may be flying by at 200 miles per hour 45,000 ft through the air. Isn’t that amazing? The fact that you are alive is a miracle.

If you’re feeling disconnected from feeling alive inside… 

1) Feel the aliveness of the world around you, feel the aliveness of anything outside of you and you will eventually feel the aliveness within you.

2) Embrace this present moment as if it’s your last.

3) Breathe in deeply and exhale deeply – the air you’re breathing is empty, but the truth is that emptiness is full of aliveness.

If you’re feeling disconnected from feeling the aliveness in the world outside…

1) Feel the aliveness within your own presence and stop moving. Bring your energy into your body and feel your own aliveness, eventually you will feel the aliveness around you once more.

2) Become aware of your mind labeling things outside of you and instead just become present to the movement as if it’s ONE big action spinning around you.

3) Find just one thing out in the world to connect with, like a tree that inspires you, or the moon, or an immense and powerful building along a skyline, anything that humbles you into your natural state of aliveness.

The world is fully alive all around you, and you can be alive with it … because who you truly are IS the world.

You are alive to have an experience, that’s life.

...To Potential, Possibilities, Experience
Taken on the street in Manhattan: (Bank of America Advertising)

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