“The problem is NOT the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.” ~ Captain Jack Sparrow

You have become aware of something in your life. You may have labeled it, or deep down you consider it, a problem. What’s the problem; is it the situation or circumstance, or is it your reaction to the circumstance?

Problems are simply challenges. But the moment you resist, you make what’s happening into a problem. And resistance is the root of all suffering.

The challenge is not the enemy, but if you perceive ‘whats happening’ as an enemy, you are making an enemy of life. Life is the one giving you the challenge. It’s a gift the opportunity to accept, transcend, and rise above. Do not resist. Life is designed to support you, even when you can’t see it because you are in judgment of it.

Go to the truth and the heart of the matter always.

1) How does it make you feel?

2) Can you become one with that feeling?

3) Bring your attention to the moment and set aside past and future. What’s the problem right now in this moment?

4) Once you are neutral, and in the moment -> Tell the Truth: “I am not this reaction and emotion. I am not these circumstances. I am not these thoughts and judgments.”

5) Then who are you? … Presence, Observer, One energy, Aliveness. Connect with the space outside of reaction, outside of problem, outside of judgment and you will feel who you are truly.

6) Can you see it now? Can you see now how this circumstance is supporting you in your life to realise something greater than the problem itself?

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