I didn’t feel inspired to write much lately on this blog.

However, I read a passage for you to delve into for yourself… from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

“There is no need to investigate the unconscious past in you except as it manifests at this moment as a thought, an emotion, a desire, a reaction, or an external event that happens to you. Whatever you need to know about the unconscious past in you, the challenges of the present will bring it out.

If you delve into the past, it will become a bottomless pit. There is always more. You may think you need more time to understand the past or become free of it… that it will free you of the past. This is a delusion.

Only the present can free you of the past.

Access the now. That is the key to freedom.”

Why is this true? Because exploring the past is to seek your identity in it. The more you delve into your past to understand it, the more you solidify the story of you.

There is nothing to heal that’s in the past that won’t reveal itself to you in your circumstances that are all around you, in the behaviours and resistances you experience in your day-to-day. There is nothing you need to do or find. “Healing” happens through being in the here and now. It comes from realising who you are in this moment.

Just observe yourself and be willing to acknowledge all that you are. See yourself in the mirror clearly for all the things you are not, and all the things you are. But can you tell the difference between identity and being? When you are in being, your heart can show you the gift of this moment, who you can show up to be right now; who you already are, and always have been.

Something to ponder:

Can you tell the difference between who you truly are and who you think you are?

One thought on “Is delving into your past necessary?

  • February 20, 2016 at 8:57 pm

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