No matter how well I improved my life, found success, read about purpose, I still always felt like something was missing. I eventually found that what was missing was within following my intuition, as it has guided me to all that I desire. It’s why I support others to find their own intuition.

Because when you find that missing piece of the puzzle, no one can take it away. Intuition takes you to finding yourself. And when you find yourself, no one and no change in circumstance can take that away.


People ask me what I do, and it’s not easy to describe. Basically I support others to connect with happiness, which is actually independent of changing your circumstances. I support others to do what I have done, take opportunities that would have once frightened me, including living a larger lifestyle with less and less limitation, but with more and more fulfillment.

I never believed in myself or my ability to work for myself, and yet I’ve started new businesses and projects, and this is all because I’ve taken the time to know myself.


  1. Helps you realize who you are so you can live with a sense of limitless possibilities and feel authentic in who you are, 
  2. and why you are here to feel a sense of purpose without having to change your life circumstances.


-you will experience life without resistance or fear so you can make decisions you desire without reservation or doubt,
-life becomes FUN and adventurous
and you will feel secure inside your own skin
-that anything you really love is more than just possible, and you’ll understand why you feel pulled to love what you love.
-you can rest easy, because life become more effortless and yet you still accomplish great things: you go for what you want, and you also learn to allow it to find you.


Intuition is the part of you that already knows what you love, and when you listen to it, you feel empowered and exhilarated. Intuition guides you to your knowing, which is far more vast than you may realize, which makes you feel like you’re in your center of balance. It becomes easy and effortless to act from your internal wisdom, and to do what you love in all areas of your life: relationships, career, finances, and in decision making.

Traditional life coaching is usually about setting goals and attaining them, and I’ll support you there, too, but first I support you in realizing that the feeling of fulfillment you receive in reaching those goals will always be temporary. Many people are also looking to change their lives because they think there is something wrong with their life and their self. I support you to realize that no matter what you’ve experienced, there is nothing wrong with you. No matter how empty your life may appear, there is more fullness than you may be able to imagine.


I support you in using your own intuition so you can realize how much power you actually have in your world. I use my intuition to support you to be more honest with yourself about where you may feel blocked. Together, we look at your thoughts to see what kind of limitations and limiting beliefs you have sitting in your mind, AND put your awareness on the truth so you can live in the flow of your life instead of resisting.

Whats in your mind will impact how you experience what you experience; it also influences what you think you are capable of experiencing.

If you’d like to learn more from me about whether this kind of Coaching/Mentoring is for you, fill out the contact form below and we can have a 20 minute consultation; it’s $20 to book this consultation. I look forward to speaking with you. I’m currently an intuitive life coach in Aspen, Colorado, but all my support is offered online unless you are local.


The truth is, life is a roller coaster and it goes up and down.

When you know who you are, you realize you don’t have to go up and down with it… 


“I’ve worked with a handful of coaches in the past and what struck me most about Kirra is how connected she is, not only to herself, but how easily she is able to help me connect with the truth that I don’t always see myself. Kirra has been instrumental in helping me rely on myself and not need someone else to guide me. I know this might sound a bit counterintuitive when talking about working with a coach/mentor, but I feel more at peace and centered than I ever have before. I’ve seen changes in my relationship to myself, money, and purpose. I also decide to do the things I love without worrying about how they will come to pass. I’m gaining new perspective with every session. She empowers me to look back into myself to find the answers. I feel like my lifestyle has expanded exponentially since working with her.”

– Yari, New York

“I’ve had other coaches before, but I immediately knew from the first session that this coaching was going to be very different. Sometimes what Kirra expertly shone a light on was beautiful, sometimes it wasn’t what I wanted to see that she helped me to see, but EVERY time it was powerful. There hasn’t been a single session with Kirra that hasn’t given me big realisations around the way I show up in the world and it’s changed who I choose to be. Through her guidance, I have more awareness, appreciate all of my experiences more, and trust in myself.”

– Naomie, Sydney

“Working with Kirra is a deeply profound experience… only there to help and guide you to your own truth…to shine the light on the darkness. Her reflection of WHAT IT TRUE comes through so clear that the confusion and pain falls away, layer by layer … at a core level. Honest, diplomatic and humble as can be … she is a very gifted woman.”

– Ziyah, California

“In the year that I have been supported by Kirra, to embody who I am really, I find myself more in the magical flow of life. Life has become a creative dynamic dance of unlimited possibility. It’s a way of life and it is so much more fun to live this way–from love, connection, and fullness–rather than fear, doubt, or lack. Her loving presence has brought me more deeply into remembering my truth. I am so grateful to have dedicated myself to working with her. Worth absolutely every penny!”

– Betsy, New York

“I have been working with Kirra for over 3 years and I feel more ME than I have ever felt in my adult life, and I feel freedom. This has been a unique and different coaching experience because there is less “talk therapy” or “conversation” and much more SHIFTING into the experience of what I “know” deep down. I am eternally grateful to this gift. I’m a coach myself, and she continues to challenge my status quo, which just keeps expanding.”

– Cora, Hawaii

“Where I was in my life, and what Kirra had done for me really felt like a hand reaching down as I climbed up the last few stairs and opened a door to a brighter beginning of a new chapter. I really recommend her service, as it opens you to a huge range of new opportunities and reroutes your sights to a much clearer perception of everyday and every moment!”

– Kerri, Pennsylvania

“The results of our two conversations and now, my listening to your webinars, is that I have a clear focus on my daily practices.  I am inspired by not just sensing my own potential, but acting in accordance with it, intuiting my way and being willing to feel into it.  I’ve gained clear insight into my own circumstance, found compassion to embrace my present, in all of its facets and found hope in doing what I love, any way.”

– Sarah, New York

Kirra Sherman is a life coach aspen co.