I heard a woman speaking on the radio about the recent Sydney café siege where hostages were taken by an Islamist. One woman, with tears in her eyes and looking defeated, feared a violent backlash and blame while riding a train in Sydney, so she slid off her burkah (burqa, headdress, hijab) as she left the train and entered the station platform.

Another woman watched silently, but as they got off the train, she stopped her. “Put it back on,” she said indicating towards the burqa, “I’ll walk with you.” The woman wearing the burqa, overwhelmed by emotion, cried and embraced her. Later the non-burqa wearing woman tweeted her experience. Another person saw it online and it began trending. She offered to share her commute route with anyone not feeling safe to wear their religious attire. She suggested, “maybe start a hashtag: #illridewithyou

An outpouring of solidarity ignited in the hearts of so many, #illridewithyou trending all over social media, and international mainstream media. Touched by one, who touched another, who touched another...


When a person is moved by an act of love, it ripples into your experiences and into the lives of others. Youwant to impact the world, be the change.

It’s not just words. It’s not the words that matter, it’s what moves you that impacts.

It’s a powerful reminder that we impact the world. What you do and say and bring into your world affects it.

That woman could have ignored her feeling. She could have let her thoughts, or embarrassment, or fear of rejection, or any number of reasons or thoughts get in the way. But she followed her feeling.

Act on the feeling that moves youYou have no idea what it may mean to someone… or how it will feel to express that action for you. It could change the world, even if it’s just your world in a little minor way.

Behind all action, large or small, significant or insignificant is energy. Maybe that woman thought her action would be small, too, but it impacted the whole world. It started a movement. Movements all start withenergy. It’s in the acting on that energy that moves others.

If you want to start a movement of love, follow the movement in your heart. If you want to bring more fear to your world, act on your fears.

Speaking my truth, especially when I was scared or in judgment of my own words, has been one of the more powerful ways to experience how I’ve made a difference to myself and others. Most of the time, I’m not doing it for that reason, but that’s what results: impact.

Even recently, a married friend of a friend invited me to sit down at his table at a restaurant. I didn’t feel to. I’ve observed that he flirts a lot and it doesn’t feel respectful of my own partner. I said, “no,” and because he nagged me, I shared why, which may have been–to the thinking mind–“unnecessary” or ” too serious”.  But I said it, despite thinking even to myself that it was a bit overboard. “It’s just sitting down at a table, what’s the problem?” the thoughts said. However, a couple weeks later, I ran into this same guy and he pulled me aside to share that what I’d done and said that night really impacted him. He’d spent the last couple weeks thinking about respect, about his marriage, and ended up communicating with his wife about it to be more conscious of his flirtation and they are closer now. “If you hadn’t said that, I probably wouldn’t have thought about it.”

It’s another example of how such a small thing can make such a big impact. I wasn’t trying to; I could have just sat down, no big deal. I could have just gone with the rest of crowd inviting me to sit. I didn’t feel to, and I felt at ease with myself in that moment. And, it caused IMPACT.

The greatest impacts I’ve made have been staying true to myself in the moment-even when it’s felt ridiculous. It’s been saying what can be uncomfortable. That’s love, too. It’s in doing things that aren’t easy to do, sometimes disappointing others and in taking the risks despite the fear.

If you‘re ever on the brink of doubt, just go for it. Don’t think about it. Move. You never know who it will impact. But more than anyone else, it’s going to impact you.

#youimpacttheworld 😉

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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