Recently I sat down with two women who shared with me the decisions that they’re making in their life. And the predominant experience was that of fear. They feared the future. They feared the decisions they wanted to make, and they feared the decisions they weren’t making.

I often come across a profound paradox with clients who are making large decisions in their life that may seem scary, and its one of my favorite paradoxes about the fear of the future I’d love to share.

“What is it that you’re afraid of?” I asked.

“Being broke.” she answered.

“And if you were broke, how do you think it would make you feel?” I responded.

“It would make me feel sadness.” she said.

“What else?” I asked.

“Well, I’d feel afraid. And I’d feel helpless. And I’d feel lack.” she stammered.

I then paused at the irony and asked, “Are you feeling all those things right now?”

She stopped, and then the realization hit her. You could feel it sinking in, the simple yet profound realization seeping into her awareness.

“Yes, I’m feeling all of those things right now,” she agreed laughing a little.

“Do you see that you are already experiencing everything that you fear? You’re in the future thinking about what you fear and you begin experiencing everything that you’re afraid of experiencing right here and now. Do you see that you have nothing to be afraid of because with or without any decisions you’re making, your state of being is already experiencing everything you think will be so bad. And Isn’t that amazing?” I rhetorically asked.

The lesson is that when you’re afraid of future circumstance, you will experience the fear of it right now, and you will manifest to experience all the emotions you’re afraid those circumstances will give you right here, and right now. It’s another confirmation that by connecting to a future idea of fear, you create the fear inside you right now because there is only the one moment. You don’t need to experience the circumstances, but you already are. And I felt that was a realization worth sharing.

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