If you don’t decide, life will decide for you…

The question you’ll want to ask yourself is… are you in fear? Or are you present, being in love? If you’re thinking about what you don’t want out of fear, life will give you what you’re resisting. If you’re acting from love and being who you love in the one moment, every moment, you have nothing to worry about because what life will decide will come from the love you are choosing to be and reflect it into your reality. I wonder though, are you not deciding because you’re afraid or because you want a surprise from life?

Be honest with yourself, you’d love to use your courage to decide what you love… because you know what you love. And if you know what you love, and you know you have the power to create your reality, why would you leave it up to the ‘universe’ or life to decide whats meant to be.

The truth is, you are life itself, and if you knew yourself as life, you’d decide what you love because you’d know it was already yours.

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