If I’ve been fearful, I decided to open my heart like a package and give it all away
If I’ve been tearful, I danced on them like raindrops and fell into each one until I landed in love’s lap
If I’ve been hiding, I ran into the sun’s embrace racing to the top of the hill expressing along the way
If I’ve been closed, I screamed my way to shatter the ice and melted like butter into a pond of vulnerability
If I’ve been been lost, I wandered towards my soul flickering like an unshakable candle and perception the wind
If I’ve been uncertain, I trusted that life would find me an open window in a room full of closed doors
If I’ve been reactive, the explosions left holes of space to curl into
If I’ve been any other forms, I remembered what it was to be myself and made me a home there where no seasons could change, no changes could leave, no leaves could not fall without the birth of love’s landing holding me in the wind of flickering lights where I became the heart of raindrops still melted like explosive ice.


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