If I listened to my thoughts…

I never would have given up a career that didn’t exhilarate me every morning I woke up and make me look forward to starting my day with love. I never would have known it would be possible for me to start business and to do what I love working for myself.

If I listened to my thoughts…

I would probably think there is something wrong with me. I definitely would believe there was something wrong with other people, and the world, and that we are all just victims to an unjust existence.

If I listened to my thoughts…

I wouldn’t believe that life was on my side, that we are of one breath. I wouldn’t believe the world, though it speaks of coincidence and logic, is organised in the most magical way.

I never would have believed that it was possible to live a life through the heart, in the now as if it’s the only thing that matters. I never would have thought I could overcome my fears and insecurities.

If I listened to my thoughts…

I would have doubts about most, if not all, of my actions. I would be terrified inside. I would probably cover this up with a lot of arrogance.

If I listened to my thoughts…

I would never have let my heart fall in love with anyone, and would never allow it again. I wouldn’t feel I was worthy of loving or being loved by another heart in the world.

There are so many thoughts running through the mind.

Thoughts draw you away from your heart, from the present moment, into expectations, into needs, into desires, into pain, into distraction from anything that is truly you.

What if none of them became a problem?

What would it feel like to not take them personally?

Give those thoughts space and dive into what you know to be true in this moment in your heart even when it seems hopeless, or unforgivable.

Go deeply into this moment, what problems can you actually find?


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