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Courtesy of The Happenista Project,


I’ve learned this lesson the hard way, many times over: Life doesn’t owe you anything.

I have observed how sometimes the mind will want for something, and it’s almost as if then it becomes an idea that it should be that way. But why? Why should it be?

Why do you deserve to have the things, or experiences, or changes that you may expect should be your life?

It’s one thing to know at the bottom of your soul that you deserve to have something because you love it so deeply that there’s no question that you deserve it. It’s another to believe that simply because you want something you should have it.

When the mind has taken over to demand something in your life, when ego catches hold, it’s nearly impossible to shake it; it can feel as though you simply can’t let go of the need for it, whether you truly deserve it or not. Don’t try to defeat resistance; that’s impossible.

Just appreciate.

Appreciation is love. You can’t overcome fear with resistance, or emotions, or pain, or through changing your circumstances. You can only truly change discontent with love. Appreciate as if it’s the only thing that exists.

If you can’t appreciate your circumstances, ask yourself what it would feel like if you did feel appreciative?

If you’re not in appreciation of what you have currently, life isn’t going to give you more, because you don’t appreciate what you have now, the good or the bad, life doesn’t discriminate.

If you truly want to deserve more, you have to start by appreciating what life has given you, and humbly accept it, as if it’s enough.

Appreciation is also how you come to trust life. Appreciate it as if life has given it to you with purpose. For life gives you everything, and takes away everything, with purpose. You may or may not be able to see that purpose… yet. Connect with your heart to know. Listen to the depth of your soul inside.

And if you want to deserve more, appreciate every bit of more that life offers you as it comes. Don’t repeat any mind stories in your thoughts about the past.

Appreciate what is now. Appreciate what has been. And you will find that you’ll already be in love with what does come when it comes.

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