Someone said to me, “I feel like was born to live like this.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Just being in the moment. I don’t know what’s next and it feels great.” she said.

“What does it feel like?”

“I feel so free, because in the next moment, I feel something, and allowing myself to be moved by the feeling… I just feel like I was meant to live like this,” she responded.

What if that was the way we were meant to live? What if life being moment by moment, here and now, not looking to a future, or the meaning of the past, but the meaning of aliveness in the moment. Do you allow yourself to be moved, in any which direction, towards the action that is being held right now, in this moment.

Be one with this moment, take action or don’t, be one with your heart and being right now, and you will feel free to follow the feeling into any idea, into any moment with any action, whether it makes sense or is completely illogical.

Don’t know how to follow the feeling, or the feeling of what I mean, just listen for the music that moves you, listen for the rhythm of your heart. You do know what moves you. You do know what you love.


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