What if all the problems the mind perceives to have are actually a simple evaluation, a calculation of the mind itself? Practice allowing the thoughts to fall aside. And ask yourself: “Are there truly any problems in this moment, right now?”

Every time I have ever asked myself that question, my new awareness cannot find one. It’s as if just by bringing myself to the moment, I realise, that no problem exists right now. The mind may point out how it will exist a moment from now. And while my body may even be experiencing discomfort in the moment, such as a pain in my body or hunger, but when I am fully a part of it, it’s not a problem. It’s just what is. That’s why people say, it is what it is. When you are one with the moment, you may observe what is happening without judgment, resistance, and without those two, you are not thinking, and therefore, you probably will realise that you don’t have any problems.

The you of the moment never has any problems.





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