Humbled Hearts do fall into reflections of beauty

The tallest and most rugged of mountains stand silently in honor of the infinite’s wondrous power

The bluest and most expansive oceans break the shore shouting in thunder the mystery of one soul daring to break free

The largest and most mirroring lakes reflect the depth of the one infinite in your eyes

The brightest stars light the sky pierce the love uncontainable in the night

And is there any question in such a reflection the wonder of your truth in fearless moments… tears do call, hearts do fall, lovers are humbled, the human-ness of you stands timid, and yet a question hangs in the air of the mind of the way of the world… stand aside, stand aside, you are in the everything you hide, for life’s secret path is found first in the try, and then find yourself in the whispers of canyons that are calling, that echo of the emptiness you are falling for, in that infinite space where you are who you are…

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