How do you know you’re on the right path?
If not, how can you get on it?

stay true

Each bend, each fork in the road before you is a choice being chosen moment by moment. You can take the path of least resistance, the road less traveled, a mountain pass, or you can sit by and watch other travellers.

You can seize the moment, and you can let life pass you by. You can choose to rise up, or you can surrender. Some seek success. If they achieve success, are they not on their right path in that moment? If they fail at success, are they not still?

Others have a love to work and delve into it like a perfection. Is that not their right path, the role that’s chosen them and they choose back? Some seek peace along the mountainsides, others challenging the limits of the body. To push through those limits and climb mountainsides out of love, is that not their right path?

It’s not perhaps even what you “do” that makes you on the “right” path. Its an effortless ease coming from the whisperings of your soul in who you are BEING that allows you to experience peace of mind and happiness.

But will any amount of being offset the pain of not doing what you love?

There is a feeling within you that guides you: Intuition.

If you can be honest with yourself, you do know what’s in your heart through that inner gut feeling. But you can’t measure it with a yardstick. You can’t account for it in a spreadsheet. You can’t prove it in a way that the thinking mind demands or others outside of you may ask….

“But how do you know?”
You just know.

The only way to be sure whether you’re in the midst of your intuitive truth in this moment is through your heart, your knowing, by feeling it.

You do know deep down whether you are on the path that you’re meant to be on by feeling. You can’t control the feeling. You can’t change it. And you can’t deny it. You can suppress the callings of your soul, but you can’t force where it will call you.

It may be a life-changing calling or simple inspiration to stop, and go for a walk outside. Whether you perceive it to take large or small steps in the story, the feeling moves you, not the other way around. Trust it by acting on it, and you will come to know yourself more deeply.

Your heart may lead you down challenging roads that you (as the limited thinking) don’t like at first, that take you beyond what you think you’re capable of. It may push you or put you under pressure to show you that you are not that limited thinking. Isn’t that how you realise that you’re greater than your perceived limitations, and thereby overcome them?

If you know that you’re not on the right path… Stop.

Do something different. Take a small step in the other direction. It’s that simple.

Your mind will find a million reasons to make it harder than that. It’s not. Decide. Decide to change your fate and your fate through your circumstances will follow your heart.

Walk out, change course, take a risk, start doing what you love, and what you feel.

Following the feeling is often a risk. I was once told that it doesn’t get any easier, but that you do get better at it. I have experienced that as true.

We are responsible for each fork and bend in the road we choose and whether our path follows our unique flow or resists it.

We can choose to create peace on earth or discord… Battle within ourselves or surrender. If you feel you cannot change what is, surrender.

If there is no right, there is different. You are the only one with the power to choose the difference you want to have and make in your own life.

Forget the path and remember that there is only this one moment that you must be at peace with. If you’re not in joy in this moment, you’re missing you. You’re alive whether you experience the fullness of aliveness or not; it’s up to you whether you experience the awareness of your state of aliveness.

Different books give you different experiences. Different stories and characters allow you to experience varied things. Can you tell a right story? Can you tell it wrong? Does a writer of fiction like or dislike it’s characters, knowing they come from within the writers own consciousness? Doesn’t the writer still appreciate all that is written, even the “bad guys?” because they are of the writers creation? Even the annoying ones? The story can be judged as ending well or badly, but whether you like the book or not, it’s that writers story. If you’ve written the story, liked or disliked, isn’t it still your journey of the story?

Maybe life is like that, like a story, and perhaps you’re the writer, writing a journey full of twists and turns being told from within you from moment to moment.

The question you may wish to ask is not if you’re on the “right path”, but are you on the path that you love to be on? Are you happy with the decisions you make in your heart? Are you experiencing the fullness of aliveness in where you are?

Because there may be no “right” path in a story of infinite possibilities, but there is one that is being chosen by you through the feeling that you love. Are you choosing the one you love, or are you ignoring the feeling?

NOW… wait for the whisperings of your heart…

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