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The power of love is your greatest power. It’s the only thing that heals. It’s the only thing that manifests what you love into your life. It’s the only thing there is.

Within everything is the essence of love. You can call it energy, the infinite, feeling, power, life, the force, or use any label to describe who you are, who others are, and what the world is made of underneath the physical appearance of things. It’s also in the space in between things. It’s the universe.

Can you feel the love?

If you can feel love for something, you will deserve it.

Why? Because feeling Love connects you with the greater part of yourself, the space that makes up everything. The only way to Truly  deserve something is to become one with it because love is all there is. When you love something, you and it become one. When you love something, you and love become one. When you’re one with something, is it not yours?

That feeling of love is the only power that will take you beyond your perceived smallness.

What about wants, desires or needs?

Wants, desires, and need imply separation – two. There is you, and there is something outside of you. Can something infinite be two? To want, desire, and need is to create separation from what you love. Even if you do bring it into your life, can you fully receive it if you’re not feeling it completely? How do you fully receive something – you feel the appreciation and experience of it, right? To experience the fullness of something, you must be in feeling, in love.

Love makes all things one.

If you can’t feel the love for something, you don’t deserve it.

The little you within the space of your body doesn’t deserve much. Even your limited thoughts, no matter how grand those thoughts may be, are always limiting what’s infinite. Your thoughts reflect your perception of limited self or are attempting to inflate a false sense of self with what you don’t deserve so you will feel deserving.

These illusions don’t last too long because your thoughts always give themselves away when you’re alone, lying awake at night unable to find peace of mind. Find peace of mind by connecting with the presence of love. You’ll know when you have what you don’t deserve because your thoughts will plague you.

Maybe there are some things in your life you feel you don’t deserve. How do you know?

Ask yourself: Do you ever fear losing what you have?

Sometimes there is a disconnect between what you think you deserve, what you’re receiving in your reality, and what you actually deserve. This can create guilt. This can foster self-sabotage and can even cause you to lose what you have gained.

You may be living large, but if you don’t feel you deserve that much, you won’t be able to receive the love of your grand circumstances.

Or, the false limited you inflates (ego) to protect what you fear to lose. This false sense of deserving is sometimes the price you pay for having things you don’t believe you actually deserve.

If you’re afraid to lose something, ask yourself if thatsomething gives you a sense of security, recognition, approval, appreciation, or acceptance – from others or within your own self.

The part of you that doesn’t exist will use your mind to create “false desires, wants, and needs” in your life to give you a sense of love. These are the head dreams designed by you to give you a greater identity through your circumstances because without a connection to love, in separation, you will feel as if you don’t exist.

If you’re ever dreaming with an agenda, rather than for pure love, you’re looking for your circumstances to make you feel more whole and complete, which means you’re disconnected from who you Truly are.

You, (who you truly are) already have appreciation, recognition, approval, acceptance and the fullness of security because you ARE them. The energy of love doesn’t lack.

Infinite means no end, no beginning, no start nor finish. How can something infinite not deserve to have anything IF it IS everything?

The truth is you already deserve everything in this world, but not the you in your head, the limited you of body, of perception, of fear, of thought, the part of you that feels separate from love and what you love.

If you perceive you have a money problem, know the truth: you do not have a money problem, you have a lack of space to connect with what you love.

You do not have a decisiveness problem, you have a lack of courage to follow what you love.

You do not have a problem with deserving, you have a lack of connection with who you truly are.

The more you love what you have and love what you want, the more you will deserve more.

Follow the voice of love, despite your perception of fear, despite your perception of a lack of money, despite your perception of a lack of deserving, despite the perception of any limited circumstances, logic, or reason.

Love has no reason. Love has no need. Love has no attachment.  Love does not fear losing.

If you love something because it gives you something, maybe you don’t really love it, you only love what it gives you. If you do truly love it, stop making it about what you think it’s giving you.

If you knew that love really was all there was, that intuition was the voice of who you truly are as that love, wouldn’t you be willing to do anything to be one with yourself, with love?

Say yes to what you Love and you will come to deserve love within yourself.


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