Upon my kitchen mantle sits a plaque, given to me by a client, “Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances.”

What does that really mean?

How many people really aren’t looking for enjoyment from what you do or have? 

There was a time when every single thing that I decision I made was based in building a sense of exhilaration through everything in my world. Everything except a connection with myself.

Now, more than ever, I do what I love, even when my mind says I shouldn’t, or my thoughts say it’s impossible. I do the things I love more than I did before.

But I’m not looking for a sense of myself or love from the events that I experience. I may love what happens, but I don’t make it mean anything about who I am. Who I am has nothing to do with what occurs or doesn’t. Who I am is simply, who I am.

When you know yourself as only your thoughts, you will constantly go up and down as your circumstances rise and fall. And of course your circumstances go up and down, the one constant in the universe is change.

Thoughts are usually seeking a sense of love, meaning or a sense of self from your circumstances. Consider the last time you accomplished something or bought something. There is sometimes an underlying thought of, that means something about me. And there is a sense of love that comes from knowing that you did something great or that you could do.

When I accomplish things now, it’s not that I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment, but the credit I give to myself is minimal because if I take much credit for that accomplishment, I will also take blame when I perceive something has gone “wrong” in my circumstances.

The less you identify yourself with your circumstances, the more space you give for what you love to happen in your life.

It sounds too simple, or unbelievable. And it is completely illogical. But it’s one way to live life, and it’s real.

When you don’t need something, but just love it, it’s often as if it happens naturally. It helps when you use your courage to be honest about what you love, without the fear that it won’t happen…

when you realize that happiness is in the heart, the world becomes a playground where you begin to have fun because you stop needing everything to be a certain way, and that's when naturally it becomes happy

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