It finds you when you’ve put down the armor

You can relish it, in a moment of letting go

When the stakes are all playing in another’s winter

You can feel it when you’re in the flow

And you seem to know what you do not need to know

Grace is the allowance of potential, of power

It’s like water rolling gently between unrushed fingertips

It’s like movement of a dance in the calm of a storm that no one notices

And when force is sleeping, it envelops you like warm fog

Grace is the dance of love

You must do everything without it

You must try hard if its not with you

You must painstake and pull, push and move mountains…

You must use the weight of the world in its absence

And sense of logic can only take its place

Grace is saying goodbye to all this for living in love’s sake

Grace is whispering in the wind while holding love’s handkerchief bidding farewell to war

Grace is losing the war within to win love’s heart

It’s remembering you’re not lost even when you cannot see

Grace is present even if you’re floating in lands of wishful thinking

You can find its essence in the morning dew, untouched by thought

It will love you when you’re knee deep wading in the place where tears live

It’s gentle touch will shiver the fear out of you

Can you let it cry your emotions for you when you open up to the depth of you

Will you let it wipe your cheeks when you let the chips fall

Because its love is the most powerful of them all

Grace is love, and it’s love’s gift to receive you, to bore through you, to know you, to be you

It’s the breathing of you slowly within you and with it you move mountains tenderly

With it, love’s miraculous reach holds no bounds and can you feel it caress you like love’s softest embrace…

You are grace, and grace is you




*Picture taken by Kirra Sherman, appreciation for The Art of Chase

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