Getting to the heart of the matter is getting to the center… getting to the center that you are.

There will always be ups and downs, and there will always be moments of elation that you can dive into.

There is always a game of the ego lurking when you’re not present to who you are.

You can choose to be separate to yourself, or you can choose to be one.

You can jump into excitement, or you can stay in the center.

The center of you is where you’ll find the heart of the matter, where you’ll connect with your Truth in the moment that is always present to you.

It’s in the center, away from the emotions, away from thoughts, and its there that you’ll feel right as rain.

It’s in your center that you feel the calmness of decision, rather than being taken on a roller coaster of volatility in your mind.

Feeling indecisive, connect with your center.

Stay with the center, ground yourself in the moment that is.

The center is where presence meets you, its your home, its your Truth, and its where you’re never alone.

Get to the heart of the matter, and find your center, find your connection, your heart, and remember who you are…


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