Today’s message (below) is inspired by reminders I’ve shared from my own heart to myself, which of course are contained in all the writings “to you”.
Because especially today, especially in this moment, I feel inspired to share that I do believe in my heart its possible to be happy and in peace all of the time, no matter what happens on the outside, even if it takes the greater part of a lifetime of tumultuous ever-changing circumstances to arrive there.
With all my love,

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Maybe the journey...

From my heart to yours…

Let no one tell you what’s possible in your heart.

Ask only from your heart, ‘what’s possible, what’s real… what do I love,’ and ‘what’s true for me in this moment?’

Ask not: ‘what can I take from life, but what can I give?’

Let your gut decide for you what’s true in your circumstances, and not the other way around.

In times of distress, be present anyway. Stand in your feeling anyway.

And whisper FROM the depths of your soul, “I know who I am”.

Let love decide for you, but remember that love isn’t what you think it is.

Let truth decide, your truth, the voice of love moving you.

And trust only until you know, until knowing becomes you.

Let no labels define who you are, and who you are not.

Remember that beyond thought, personality, and judgment, you are label-less and indefinable.

Do not demand from your circumstances to give you happiness…

Depend only on who you are, the ALIVENESS within, for your happiness.

Only take care to know the demands of your heart and what you feel. And when you feel it, say: ‘yes, I know this is what I deserve because it is what I love.’

And in every moment, dare to open your heart a little wider to the moment so you can meet yourself there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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