Freedom is not resisting what shows up…
neither the inside thoughts, feelings, emotions…
nor your outside circumstances

When you can be with what you feel, without resistance, whether it’s comfortable or uncomfortable, there is lightness of being: freedom. Don’t get involved in what you wish to resist; don’t make what is being experienced into a problem that you feel you need to shift or change. Open your heart to allowing anything to move you, whether it’s heaviness or lightness.

Allow what is happening to happen. Allow what’s in your heart to be expressed if only to yourself; feel it.

Then go beneath the surface feelings, go into the space of being sitting deeper than any emotions, feelings, thoughts or even the feelings of love for something or someone. Be the observer of all that runs through your body and mind.

The thoughts are the surface, but you are the depth.

When you are the depth, you will drop the resistance. When you dive into the depth of you, you are on a path to realizing your judgment. The depth of you is choosing the choices that are moving you in your heart, and it isn’t necessary for your thoughts to understand them; life is moving all the feelings within you, but you may not understand why life moves you a certain direction–your choice is to trust or resist.

To trust life, it’s as if you must expand to being as large as life: the depth of you. If you do not want to trust life, it means you wish to be small because you wish to control what is rather than allowing yourself to be bigger than the fear and be one with the movement of life. Your heart is your connection with life. Reach inside of your heart to know and trust it as yourself.

Remember, your heart will not only move you to the things you love, but it will move you towards what makes your skin stand on edge at other times because life wishes to give you freedom from your fears and judgments. Ask yourself if you want that, too? And if you do, trust that it’s giving you exactly the challenge in your circumstances so that you can rise above and be free.

When fear arises, be with it. When emotions arise, observe them. When heaviness sits in your chest, be with the heaviness. When thoughts run wild in your mind, let them have their play. When your circumstances rearrange your comfort zone, be in the discomfort. When pain creeps in, allow it. If an empty feeling ever arises in the pit of your stomach, dive into it. 

Life is amazing the more you realize the depth of you.

because when you stop to look around

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