To follow your Intuition is so simple, the ways that it can bring a moment of happiness or joy to your life, with just one simple choice to follow that feeling. This morning, I could have worked from home. And probably, if I just started from home and stayed there, I would have been more “productive” because time is limited. There are only so many hours in the day.

I could have disregarded my desire to walk to my favorite hotel for so many reasons. Because it’s necessary, not my best use of time, its not any different from working at home really, etc etc etc. But along the road, I met with an aliveness that I would have missed had I stayed home. The fresh layer of snow upon the ground made a magical wonderland just out my door. The thing is, that’s just a story, but sometimes the story moves you. It’s simple, but when you follow your intuition, all of a sudden the world can all of a sudden become a very special place, for no reason at all. 

Often, I choose to follow that feeling to hike, ski, or have lunch with a friend, despite the thoughts that say I should be working. And it makes all the difference. Every time I do, I feel an renewed sense of exhilaration, or new creative ideas form for the business I’m working on. And of course I’m happier because I just did something I love.

It’s challenging to follow that movement rather than the thought of “reasons” that speak to “security” and “responsibility.” But what is responsibility? And does being more responsible really mean you get the results you desire? Or is that just a limiting belief?

But this isn’t just about work, it’s about freedom. Sometimes it’s walking out of your house and throwing your plan to the wind. It’s taking a right because you feel moved to even though you intended to go left. It’s following your heart when all logical reason points to something being a really, really bad idea, come what may.

Reminder of the day: whether you follow the feeling, act on the feeling or not, just never stop feeling.

Happiness isn’t complicated. Follow your intuition and heart. Do what you love, spend time with people you love, be in aloneness and reflect on your desires and true wishes. Reach for your dreams. Do what makes you come alive more than strive for security.

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