Sometimes the road is longer than you think and spends more mileage you planned for

Sometimes the chapter reads on like a play you thought was a comedy, but stings like a heartache would

Sometimes the day brings surprises to you like a gust of wind from past ghosts

But is your heart open?

Sometimes the fog rolls in on a day you wanted to impress the sunshine

Sometimes the sun shines on a day your sunburnt broke your pain and you yearned for fog & rain

Sometimes you can’t see why things end up like that

But are you taking the opportunity to be aware of how its supporting you?

Are you embracing the warmth of joy, pain, and everything in between ?

Sometimes you will feel a slap in the face

Sometimes you think it wasn’t what you were asking for

Sometimes synchronicity will show you what you’ve been missing

Sometimes you will feel lost, sometimes…

But are you staying present & connected?

It’s not what happens, its your willingness to stay connected with whatever comes across your experience.

Are you willing to remind yourself of the Truth about Love even when things are painful and not going “your” way?

Take the moment to stop, be still, embrace what you’ve manifest to come your way… because you’re worth it…

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