Notice when you feel loved, appreciated, or free, though it can come from another, or an experience, it’s still a feeling being experienced in your body. It’s within you.

Here are three tips of awareness to connect with the feeling that’s already within you:

1 ——- Let go of all your ideas of what your life needs to look like to feel love, to be loved, to love another, to do what you love and to be who you love to be. Let go of all your IDEAS, demands, requirements, and beliefs about what you think is going to make you feel whole and complete.

Ideas are just ideas; true love is in the moment now. Just be aware that your ideas aren’t going to give you anything you don’t already have right now in this moment.

Future happiness is always an illusion.

Ask yourself the question: What would it feel like if I felt love inside myself right now?

2 ——- Do the things you love to do all the time. Make it a priority above all else to be the person you would love to be by noticing when you are not being yourself.

Get creative. Be willing to do whatever it takes to express what you feel to express to others, to yourself, to the world.

If you are building your life towards doing what you love in the future, you may never arrive; that’s a huge risk to take  when you can start doing the things that matter to you in your life right now.

3 ——- Connect with your heart in any way you can. Do everything you can to keep your heart close to you and open to the movement of love. Just keep experimenting until you find what’s real. Your heart will lead you moment by moment if you follow it.

When you notice your heart pulling you towards something, don’t let your thoughts talk you out of it; don’t let fear of the unknown get in the way of the movements of your heart.

Love is a feeling… It’s yours, within you, the source is within you…

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