What is uncertainty? Isn’t it simply that you do not know how or what is going to happen in your circumstances? Isn’t the need for certainty a need for a sense of security in your circumstances? Anything you perceive to need has POWER over you. Anything that you fear has the power to control you. When you are uncomfortable with uncertainty, it will control what choices you make, what risks you do and don’t take.

If it’s truly important to you to live a life that you love, you will likely have to risk your current circumstances for it, and that means getting comfortable with uncertainty.The challenge you face is to let go of the sense of security that “knowing” makes you feel.

Ask yourself, are your life circumstances really ever solid? Marriages end in divorce; people get laid off; the body will one day die. No matter how certain your life circumstances may appear, all circumstances are in fact, temporary. You would have experienced that if you’ve been alive very long.

If you can embrace this truth, you can remember that no certainty found in your story is likely to remain. If you want certainty, you’re going to have to find it within the uncertainty and this usually means taking risks for what you love consistently: over and over and over and over. The great opportunity is that when you find certainty in the uncertain, you are finding the certainty within YOURSELF. And when you embrace uncertainty, you make space for more possibility!

When nothing is certain, then anything can be. If what’s possible in your world is based on a sense of security in your story, you will look to your current circumstances to decide what’s possible. If what you love is bigger than what has been written into your current circumstances, then all you will see are limitations, and you may decide not to go for what you love. For what’s truly possible, look to the feeling of love that inspires and moves you in the moment.

The mind asking how it’s possible to take risks for what you love when things are uncertain is kind of like a fish asking how it can possibly swim if it’s in water. The more open-ended your world is, the more possibilities abound for what you love because you haven’t filled in the blanks yet, you haven’t written the end of the story. You are free to see more of the possibilities that are there.

The key is to follow your truth, the feeling that moves you and inspires you, your intuitive knowing within. Sometimes that leads you to making plans in advance, sometimes it means keeping everything open-ended, but the fear of the uncertain isn’t what determines your actions. You replace the fear of the uncertain with the feeling of love that’s moving you and you learn to trust it through experience.

A friend and client who I have been mentoring for the past year recently flew from New York to attend a festival across the country. When making her arrangements, she felt in her heart not to book a flight back. People making those plans with her felt unnerved and even she didn’t understand it at the time. However, she trusted her inner knowing. When departing the festival, an amazing opportunity came her way: she’d been invited to fly back with new friends to New York on someone’s private jet!!!!!

The more uncertainty you can live with, the more you can follow your inner feeling and experience more amazing possibilities. For when you aren’t tied to one particular way, or a number of set ways, isn’t that when you can choose any direction?

When you are standing in front of a blank canvas,
isn’t it possible to paint anything? 

Living with uncertainty is like seeing life as a blank canvas, and then using your courage to paint what you love to experience from the heart. It’s being open to everything, including failure.

To discover what’s possible, look to your heart. To live what’s possible, act on that feeling.

You may succeed, you may fail, but one thing is certain, you will feel more alive at the end of the day. When you can embrace all possibilities, a feeling of freedom takes over your being, and with practice of being in the unknown, a sense of certainty within you grows.

True certainty is found in the only constant there is: the true you. The more you know who you truly are, the more you realize that everything, everyone, and every experience is happening FOR YOU and because of you, not TO you. There is a lot of power in trusting that life is supporting you, not out to get you.

If you knew you were one with life, and every circumstance that has ever happened or ever will happen is for you, would you fear the unknown or any of the experiences you may have? Or would you embrace the unknown and begin to trust life and ask it with an open heart, no matter how painful it may be, “how is this circumstance supporting me?”

The same person who asked the question above added a second question about making mistakes.

Life is merely a string of experiences… whether those experiences are right for you or not, there is only one way to find that out. Sitting in the fear of making mistakes is one of the greatest of all time-wasters. The one way to know whether something is right for you, is to make a decision one way or another, and the clarity of experience will show you. You will fall down and get mud on your shirt. You will paint the canvas in a colour you didn’t think you wanted. You will turn down alleys that frighten you. You will fail. You may get hurt. You will face challenges.

That’s life.

Part of the joy of success and reward of any journey comes from what you’ve done to get yourself there.

If you want to know yourself as certain within the uncertain of your circumstances, you must know who you are. That is a journey. There is no greater resources I know of to support you on that journey than the following resources:

Amir Zoghi’s Wisdom Truth Freedom Experience

Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose Book

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