What if every moment was just meant for living, and end in itself?

Courtesy of http://www.whudat.de/freeskiing-being-there-clip/# A ski film
(Courtesy of http://www.whudat.de/freeskiing-being-there-clip/# A ski film on Whudat.de)

What if there was no destination to arrive at or anything to be figured out? What if you felt whole and complete right here in this moment?

Imagine… that LOVE is present inside and outside of you, and that you are it. Feel the aliveness of the birds chirping with your whole being. Let the wind kiss you as it grazes your skin.

Be here in this moment as if it’s the only thing that exists. 

Breathe deeply… let the breath breathe you all the way inside and outside of you. Get lost in the moment rather than in the thoughts of you mind. Lose your sense of time by falling in love with yourself this moment. This moment that’s inside and outside of you, is one and the same space.

Do what you love, and only what you really want to do deep down in every single moment, but not because it’s going to give you something, but because why wouldn’t you do only what you love if you are free in your heart? Freedom is not in what you do, but in who you are.

Freedom is a state of being

If freedom is important to you, if you’ve had enough of any other way, then do whatever it takes to find freedom. Ask your heart, how can I be free? Listen to it’s voice deep within… Life is so precious and it be over in a blink or two.


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