What you came here to experience QUOTE

Don’t be too concerned with what others express, what role they play in the world; instead be mindful of the life that you came to live, the experience that you love to have.

What part of your journey has to do with anyone else? It’s your journey, isn’t it? It goes back to the wisdom of LIVE, and LET LIVE. You go out, and you live! And while you are truly living, you allow others to live, as they choose to live.

There is so much freedom in minding your own business and focusing on living the life you love.

Or are you afraid of taking steps towards yourself and your life?

Ego makes life about others, critiquing them, critiquing yourself, whereas the heart just witnesses and lives for the moment now, without judgment without critique or commentary.

Besides, we are not all meant to express the same; isn’t part of what unites us those very differences?

But if what another does, bothers you… see beneath their action to how you feel. How does what they express cause you to feel? If another’s actions causes discomfort. You may realise it is your own reflection that you see in the mirror of that other person. Perhaps it’s something you yourself do and you haven’t realised it yet. Or, you may notice a judgment arise through that other: you labeled how they are behaving as wrong and it causes you to feel a discomfort (shame, guilt, blame, regret, anger, pain of some kind). You are pointing one finger out, but there may be a few pointing back at you.

Maybe the reflection is that person is stepping outside of their (your) comfort zone, or changing their story in some way, and that’s why the discomfort is there–because you wish you could and you don’t. If you want to know more about reflections, click here and choose the module called “reflections”.

Be fearless and keep an open heart to whatever you see in the mirror; it’s not really who you are anyway.

Besides, isn’t it true that the more you focus on yourself and focus on the things you love to do, the less you are concerned with what others are doing because you are filled with how happy you are in your own love of life?

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