In a moment of distress, your mind may begin to chatter. It may talk you into how ‘its all going to be ok,’ how ‘its all going to be a disaster,’ how its ____, ‘no it’s ____,’… its up… its down… ‘you’re not bad, you’re great’ …’you can do it, no you can’t do it’… and there is an emotional roller coaster you’re riding all the way through these thoughts. You may even arrive at balance eventually through all these thoughts and thinking…

In a moment of stress, there is also an option to connect… Connect with your being.  Can you feel what your heart feels?  Can you find the steadiness of love holding your hand, nudging you with tenderness, whispering, ‘it’s ok,’ even if your circumstances are tough, even in the face of emptiness or pain.

Can you open your heart and turn to love when your circumstances appear to be falling apart?

With love,

From your heart

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