“Make your life journey about the love, and love will become your direct experience.” kms

Dear friend,

Do it for love does not speak of romantic love, but the love that you are made of. To connect with love for the sake of love alone, without making this journey about bettering or improving your life circumstances is when the feeling of love will take over and express itself into your life circumstances. It is then that you receive everything that you love to experience.

But you must deserve it to truly receive it. And in order to deserve what you love, you have to be willing to do it for the sake of love alone.

What ever you do, do it for LOVE.



feel the love


Do you remember why you’re really on the journey of your heart?

In this moment, if you’re not in it just for the sake of love, allow me to remind you:

It’s not about the struggle.

It’s not about the drama.

It’s not about fixing, or even maintaining your circumstances.

It’s not about improving your life.

It’s not about the service to others.

It’s not about what you can “create”, or the next partner you can “manifest” in your life.

It’s not about how powerful you can “become”, although the more you reclaim your power from your circumstances through truth, you will begin to realize how powerful who you truly are really is.

Because it’s not really about “becoming” powerful.

You can’t “become” that which you already are.

That’s why it’s called self-REALIZATION.

The more you let go of who you are not, your judgments, and the agendas for what your life circumstances can give to you … you will feel more of the feeling

It’s not about knowing who you truly are so you can make your life better, although it will get better and better.

It’s about love.


Unconditional, incredible, unbridled, uncontainable, infinite love.

It is love and love alone that truly matters.

Everything else is an agenda arising out of your judgments.

For you, right now, it may be about making your life circumstances better, and that’s ok.

But, the more you make it about love, just love, that’s when your life circumstances change and expand. The more you make it about love, love is what you will feel.

Allow the feeling of love to move your body and let the energy flow through you. Stop resisting your emotions. Stop hiding from the feeling. Stop controlling the feeling. Stop resisting the flow of your life circumstances.

Follow the love. 

Make it about love: the love of life, the love of the game, the feeling within, and the love of bringing that feeling of love into every area of your life.

That feeling of love is as available to you as the breath you breathe. It IS in the air you breathe, every breath an opportunity to refresh.

It’s not about the journey taking you somewhere, and not because your circumstances will change.

It’s in the love of the journey itself that’s meant to be tasted, savored, and appreciated.

Bring that feeling of love into your circumstances by doing what you love, expressing how you feel, risking your heart, and putting your whole being on the line for the love of living.

Make your life journey about the love, and love will become your direct experience. 

If you came here to live in the fullest experience of life through the truth, begin to connect with the love of your soul, the love that’s never left you, never could, the love that makes up the energy of all things, found in the feeling within you, the one feeling moving you in your heart… Follow that feeling, and love will set you free to experience your authentic self, the one you already are.


i am the sun and the moon forever hungry

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