There are few things more humbling than watching someone face death, especially with grace. Last weekend I spent time with a woman preparing for her own death caused by a painful brain tumor.


Death is a part of life. This truth about life can give you perspective, which is a very beautiful thing because it distinguishes the important things and the not-so-important things. Perspective can humble the thinking mind, which tends to make all little problems into big ones, whereas the heart focuses on love and what truly matters down in your soul.
The big picture—whether it comes from death, a near-death experience, or simply a moment of awareness—can show you the difference between what you think matters, and what truly matters.


We are all going to leave our bodies some day. You may or may not have the foresight to know when that will be. Time is built into this life experience, and that’s what makes each moment so precious! If your time wasn’t limited, it wouldn’t be precious, and you may never have the courage to seize the moment and live your life passionately—to play the human game to the fullest.


I know that the thoughts in the mind can be powerful enough to make anyone afraid of taking chances—so powerful that I once heard they can convince you of anything. BUT, do you think on your death-bed, you’ll appreciate all the thoughts you listened to out of fear, or out of being practical? Do you think on your death-bed that you’ll give yourself a gold star because you took the road of being responsible?


Whether you die young, or old, the question you may ask yourself is whether you lived life to the greatest ability, to the fullest? Are you happy with the collection of precious moments that make up your life?In observing my friend, I’ve realised that IT IS NOT the amount of time you live, it is the love with which you live your life that will add up to how much you love it, and perhaps, how much peace and grace you will be able to leave it.


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Tonight I’m running a special call about living for the moment–the flow–which is to the fullest. I will share my real life stories (and of others I’ve witnessed) of what happens when you decide to live limitlessly and take chances on the feeling that moves you within. I’d love to share with you the amazing effortless “flow” experiences I’ve had as a result.

… You
You’ve made your heart.
You make it in every moment…

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