Know what you know… then feel what you know… and then just feel.

Imagine any possibility, and lose the need to know what it looks like… just feel what it feels like.

Let it all wash over your being reaching to the depth of the stars and moon within your heart.

Feel the impossibilities thinking you. You’re not them.

Imagine what you love and dare to wish it, dare to will it, dare to be it, dare yourself to see yourself as you feel.

If you must bargain, make a deal with your heart to be real.

Open up to denial, the sweetness of love’s caring whisper denying you what you think you want so you can Truly be who you are.

Imagine the power of the universe as the ocean.

If you must know, know everything you’re not. Know that you’re not just a drop.

Dare to imagine yourself as the ocean.

Pictures found on the Santa Monica promenade, CA.

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