“What makes each second Infinite is its potential;
What makes it finite is your view of that potential.”
Deepak Chopra

This moment is new. This moment right here, right now has never transpired before. Despite whether you woke up this morning to the same alarm clock noise, the same cries from your children, or the same house as the day before, this moment is fresh. You may awaken with the same thoughts of your “to do” list on your mind, or pressures similar to yesterdays, but this next moment and each one after is completely new. You are officially in the unknown. Welcome.

You have the possibility to live in the infinite potential of the moment by feeling into the flow of life’s ever-expanding moment. We are all in a new moment every moment. While our life stories and circumstances may seem linear, such as the experience of one day to the next, one bill to the next, or even one moment to the next, they are not. The greatest of all lies is that you and your stories are solid.

Life is full of fluidity. Creativity is abounding. The moment begins afresh and life is full of happenings. Life is full of movement. Look around you with fresh eyes at what you may sometimes see as merely the street you live on. It’s full of life force. It’s full of the wind blowing, touching your cheek as it passes. “I love you,” it whispers. The sun shines. The rain falls. Clouds meander above. Cars whiz by. In all this abundant movement exists the possibility for your heart to be more open than it was a moment ago. You can allow more Love into your life. The more love you feel within yourself, the more love you can share with your family.

This moment is a blank canvas for you to paint your loves upon. Feeling into life as being unknown may feel scary, but awareness is the first step to overcoming fear. It’s already unknown whether you acknowledge it or not. Where do you think fear comes from? Secretly inside your being you already know it’s the unknown knocking again. Unexpected events have knocked on your door before. You know they’ll come again, but you prefer to find some sense of security in thinking your life is in your control. What if you could let go of control and trust the potential of the infinite consciousness that you are instead?

The second step in overcoming fear is embracing what is True rather than being in denial of what is. Embracing is acceptance of how something makes you feel. There are some who will choose to believe they are in the known, that life is linear. Life soon will show an unexpected natural disaster or life experience that humbles one into remembering that every moment is the unknown. You have the opportunity to embrace that unknown before the life changing moment occurs. By embracing the unknown, you accept any future possibilities, both good and bad, and open yourself up to acceptance. More acceptance means more Love and more peace with less fear!

You can never know for sure how your day will progress, even if it feels like it will be the same. The child that you put to sleep yesterday is, for better or worse, an evolution. The child is not static, but evolving into a new sense of who it is constantly. You watch. You observe. You may experience joy and pain through their growth as they mirror your own loves and fears. And you my friend are also evolving through your experiences, for you are not the same version of yourself that you were yesterday. You are a new You.

The idea and the feeling that you are not constant, that nothing is linear, and that the moment being manifested is completely disconnected from previous moments can be scary ONLY if you think about it. However, when you embrace in your heart how each moment is unknown, it opens you to a 360 degree view of possibility. Your sense of you becomes open and you can become aligned with the potential new you of the new moment. If you embrace it, you will experience it without fear.

Your experience of life will depend on how you react to unknown changes, and how you resist the emotions and moments of what you do and don’t wish to experience in your life. A cry can evoke an emotion, one of being annoyed for example, but beneath that annoyance is a greater connection to your emotions. Maybe you are worn out. Maybe you are tired. And is your annoyance or any emotion trying to share with you how you are Truly feeling beneath it all? Maybe its time to surrender to the new you? There is one authentic you yearning to emerge in every moment. Surrender to the moment, and you will experience the flow inside you.

Imagine for a moment that all your perceived bad and good experiences were in perfect balance. Imagine for a moment that underneath that balance, you were happy, truly and consistently happy no matter what happened. Imagine the feeling of an undercurrent of contentment. Imagine the feeling of inner security, safety, and love. Imagine how it would feel to embrace with an open heart that life changes and flows. Imagine for a moment the feeling of acceptance pervading all circumstances of your story. Imagine and feel into the feeling that no matter what happens in your life, all has been designed to support you by the Universe. Imagine the feeling of being grounded in a sense of peace within your heart.

We all have a choice to choose how we’ll live, moment to moment. Seize the moment that is. Embrace what is happening around you. Dig deep into the confines of your own unhappiness. For we are all counting to infinity within ourselves, and what we do not overcome in ourselves, we will pass along to our children.

It has been said before: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And whether you believe this is true or not, you have the opportunity to ask yourself to the depths of your soul the following questions to discover what you believe. Ask yourself to feel: “Am I more body, or am I more soul?” Or, “Am I more heart or am I more the stories that make up the identity of who it is that ‘I am?’” Or, “Am I more love or am I more fear?” Become aware of which states you are experiencing more in your everyday life.

All these seemingly linear moments strung together make up our journey. The journey includes the good, the bad, and the everything in-between. We are exploring the creativity of who we are through our experiences. We can choose to deepen our experience of Truth by accepting what is happening in the great balance of all life’s experiences running together. Beyond perception of good and bad, right and wrong, they are simply part of the unknown.

Interestingly, the more you embrace the unknown, the more known your life will become because you as your heart will have the power to manifest it.

No matter how far along your journey you evolve, no matter how conscious you become, you are counting to infinity. There will always be a subtle layer of depth to experience your Self within. There is always a deeper level of joy, a more palpable experience of grounded security within, and a more in-depth experience of feeling love.

As the reader, you may be experiencing negative emotions, or positive elation, or some version in-between. You always have the choice to be more present. You always have the choice to become aware of your breath. Breathe in love. Breathe out the used energy of any current emotions, especially fear. You have the choice to become open and accept yourself as you are, accept those around you, and accept the events taking place in your life by embracing them to the depths of the emotions that life is evoking in you. If you’re on a high, bring yourself into your grounding and embrace the positive. If you’re in a low, open your heart to embrace that which you perceive as negative. Feel the emotions that have come into the moment that is. This is your moment.

Beyond positive and negative, is Love. Behind resistance, is Love. Beneath fear, is Love. Under the experience of emotion, you will find Love.

This moment is your moment, so check in with yourself and your own heart. What do you feel? What is your Truth? Who do you wish to be today? And just know that if your heart has called for it, it is possible. Your heart would not call for something that is not possible. What you love may not always look how you think it should to look. Your dream may appear differently to how your head thinks it must look like in order for you to be happy.

The Truth is, you are only ever looking for a feeling. All the things that you seek, they are all there to give you a feeling. You don’t want money; you want what money gives you. You don’t want a house; you want the feeling a house gives you. You don’t want a car; you want the feeling that a car gives you. Here’s the irony: you can have that feeling of what those things appear to give you in the form of a feeling anytime. Right now, imagine what it would feel like to experience the house of your dreams. Right now, imagine what it feels like to feel secure.

Is it possible to feel the love for your wants and desires right here, right now? True abundance is the feeling of fullness within no matter what you have or do not have in physical form. And when you feel Truly abundant even in feeling alone, you are more likely to manifest the things that you desire naturally. And if you can’t feel the possibilities, that’s ok too, this is just another moment in time.

In this moment, accept and embrace whichever state of being these words may find you. You are all counting to infinity in every moment. The moment will be fully stocked with pure potential waiting for you when you’re ready to open to it.

Just one, true deep breath in can be the most incredible experience, the most joyful, the most overwhelming feeling of love known to your being… because in that moment you become Life itself. You are being, and nothing else matters.

And when you cannot feel the potential of right now, for any reason, just know that “every passing moment is a chance to turn it all around.” (excerpt from the movie: Vanilla Sky). When you are ready, you will open yourself to the unknown through acceptance, and in that knowing, you will find that your heart is driving the bus. When you realize your heart is driving the bus, everything that you ever wanted to experience will be yours within the potential of the Infinite Moment. Your potential is waiting for you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Written by Kirra Sherman, copyright applies, contact revofself@gmail.com for any inquiries.
First inspired by and published for Family Love Village, a conscious parenting community dedicated to connecting and supporting families on their journey of becoming conscious.

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