Can you decide with your whole heart and being… and then let go?

What will it take for you to reach deep down into your entire being to connect with trust?

Is it because you feel like life abandoned you?  Is it because worry’s been your friend so long now?

Or are you avoiding your own insecurities & emotions so you mask it with anxiety & stress?

Is it because it’s… u n k n o w n ? Do you lack belief?

Just admit it to yourself once out-loud, “I’m feeling sad & scared, insecure & wrapped in fear & thinking.”

But that’s not who you are…

Who are you then?

Can you L E A P… in faith… in knowing… and in… t r u s t ?

… Can you decide to leap with your whole heart…

and decide that for better or worse,

without worry,

without thinking…

… you’ll be caught by love’s arms… by your own heart?

It was never going to be easy to shatter illusion… to follow your heart… to let go of fear and admit them first… to truly trust… to be who you are as love

With love,

from your heart




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