“It’s not what you know that causes you to live, but what you live that causes you to know.”

There is nothing more expansive and life-changing than stepping outside what your mind has defined as reasonable to act on your truth, the great feeling that moves you within. Because if you are not acting on that feeling within that is calling to you, are you not acting on fear by default?


Great writers feel to write, but to become great they actually have to write. Great painters feel to paint but to become great they have to actually paint. Those who make impact in this world have to be impactful, even if their impact is just in being themselves and impacting only those few around them.


You can read books about freedom, and those books will give you an experience, but it’s when you dive into your heart to take the risks those books speak about that you will come to know that you are truly free to act.


You can read many articles just like this one, but if you do not integrate what’s written here, and only know in your mind or understand with your heart, you don’t really know it or LIVE it for yourself; aren’t they’re just words that could be false.


When your gut feeling moves you, if you merely become aware of the heartbeat pulling you towards that change but do not act on it’s movements, you won’t really experience the depth of what it truly means to be one with that feeling.


Because if you just know that feeling but do not act on it, you will only experience one part of that feeling rather than the full impact of that feeling. The more you act on what moves you in your heart, the more you experience that feeling. You feel love when the original feeling moved you in your body to begin, and you experience it fully as you act on that feeling as it moves you moment by moment and when you reflect on your journey, there is an appreciation for all the love just felt moment by moment as you acted out the play of your dreams.

You can be a dreamer, or you can will your dreams to become your reality. 

The less you act on that feeling, the less it will knock upon your door. It will find other doors who are willing to not just open the door to know it, but step through it and become their inspiration.


Free your world by being your own inspiration.

If you think financial security, approval from others, and pleasing other people in your life are difficult things to give up, try giving up on inspiration–the depth of heaviness that lies there waiting for you will suffocate your heart and stifle your soul… but perhaps that’s just what will support you to find your courage.

Never give up.


You alone are not greatness; what moves you is greatness, and you can glimpse that greatness or live in it when you step into a willingness to follow the great feeling moving you.

The truth is that you as your body and mind are not free, you have only the choice to be ruled by love or ruled by fear.

Courtesy and appreciation to entreprenista.com

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