Be fierce like a bulldog.

Be soft and gentle like rosewater

Change course

Stand ground

Stand up

Lie down


Be fierce like a bulldog to your thinking.

Never stop. Stop always.

Use everything to show you your truth.

Put down cleverness,

leave agendas behind


Be Still

Let it all go, and come home inside

Break all the rules your thinking claims

Look at the shiny lights outside pretending to offer you love and believe them not

And most of all, defy logic.

Now dance.

Now be still.

Now swirl in the energy of all of you until the whole world fades away

Go within

Relish in the feeling moving you, the one guiding you

Free your mind from thought.

There is nothing to think about.

There is nothing to figure out.

Open your heart wider.

There is no way, there is only you.

take the time to listen to the words

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